2014 Blackjack Trends

There is a social revolution sweeping across the online gaming world, and it’s being especially felt among Blackjack players. For example, social-network-inspired features -- have you spotted them yet?


Blackjack at a traditional table is very sociable, in the normal sense, as we all know. Why should the online game sacrifice any of that live action fun? On the other hand, the online games that have been developed so far have their own great character.

But they are bound to give way to the newer breeds of online and mobile Blackjack. We’re talking about live-dealer, which you see in a real-time video feed on your screen. This is even available on mobile screens!


Graphics Renaissance

Oddly, at this moment in history, a strange mismatch has occurred.  At the very same time, we have the computer industry and particularly mobile technology steaming ahead, and, the global economic downturn.

So what it means is a kind of build-up of innovation but lagging consumerism. But mobiles, now that’s a different story. Mobile phones and tablets are very powerful, because that’s the direction consumers are going.

The resolution on smart phones is so dense (like the Apple Retina display finer than human eyes can see) and processors so strong that full-on video is just unbelievably good.

Bandwidth, speeds and coverage have also improved, so stuttering is not as bothersome. We’re getting an excellent setup for 2014 and beyond. People are recovering, and whole new markets area about to explode, again!


Wearable Blackjack

Holding a smartphone with one hand to play Blackjack, tapping with the opposite hand, is fun, no doubt, but, still very cumbersome. Think about it. Both your hands are tied up. Mobile players, although able to play anywhere, find themselves struggling against that fact.

But help is on the way. Humans in transit are, over the course of 2014, going to be sporting devices as useful as a smart phone as a watch band. The phone aspect is just a kind of feature, rather than defining a device on its own.

That means that instead of tapping you’ll be blinking to call your Blackjack shots. Google Glass is still a prototype but games are being produced already to play with this smart eyewear.  (Less nerdy versions are being made!)


Blackjack Casinos

From now on, we call all expect to find more dedicated Blackjack houses online, because the market is getting rich enough for more specialisation. That translates into competition amongst those new Blackjack brands.

What will they do? They will fight to offer the best no-deposit bonuses, welcome packages, loyalty programs and -- as the current trend goes -- more extravagant prizes like cars, vacations and electronics.

So we’ll all get more choice and deeper discounts. Plus, as new Blackjack titles are released, with exciting variations built in, intro specials will pop up to get you to try them! Keep in mind: There's no deposit needed in these casinos! means there is no risk to try them!

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