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Test Your Knowledge
• The Scenario:

The dealer is showing an up card between 7 and A and you have a total of 16.

• The Question:

What is the optimal strategy in this scenario? Should you hit, stand, or double down?

  • Answer 1 – Hit because the dealer could get close to 21.
  • Answer 2 – Stand because you can easily bust with a total of 16.
  • Answer 3 – Double Down because, hey it’s only one more card.


The correct play here is to hit. Though you will bust many times with this strategy, more often than not – the dealer will end up with a hand higher than 16 and beat you if you stay pat. Doubling down is not recommended because you have to double your bet and the chances of busting are high. Most players hate 16 because it is the hardest hand to decide whether to hit or stand. More adventurous players always hit, while timid ones stand.